The Open Hearth Permaculture Apprenticeship is organized by the folks of Land by Hand exploring the resilient culture, communities, & skills of the Upper Midwest bioregion through an entire growing season; cultivating leaders of the next generation to continue this beautiful story…

Open = Receiving, Adaptable, Loving, Growing, Mobile
Hearth =
Hear + Heart + Earth + Art = Home = a place to gather, cook, eat & share

Guided by an Open Source Learning model, our Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) taps into the wisdom and experience of our local neighbors, businesses, artists, farmers & storytellers. The connecting thread of our program will be the three ethics of Permaculture: Earth Care, People Care, & Fair Share.

In order to find our way, we must get lost…

“We know how to solve every food, clean energy, & sensible shelter problem in every climate. We have access to every biological material that we could ever use. The tragic reality is that very few sustainable systems are designed or applied by those who hold power, and the reason for this is obvious and simple: to let people arrange for their own food, energy, & shelter is to lose economic and political control over them. We should cease to look to power structures, hierarchical systems, or governments to help us, and devise ways to help ourselves.” – Bill Mollison

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Panel 1

Earth Care

Abundant Food, Health, & Habitat are byproducts of Permaculture Design

Gardening, Farming, & Agroforestry

Ecological / Whole Systems Design & Pattern Language

Natural Building & Architecture

Water, Soils, & Earthworks

Climate, Geology, & Natural History

Plant/Tree/Fungi: ID, Propagation, Seed-Saving, Polyculture Design

Bio & Myco-Remediation / Regeneration

Raising Animals & Wildlife Habitat

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Panel 2

People Care

Resilient, Thriving, & Healthy Communities are a byproduct of Permaculture Design

Community & Village Building

Herbalism, Wellness, & Yoga

Food Preservation, Cooking, & Wildcrafting

Art, Music, & Placemaking

Gourmet & Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation

Ecovillages & Cohousing

Re-Wilding, Hunting, Fishing, & Wilderness Skills

Open Source Learning & Home-schooling

The Art of Learning & Self-Education

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Panel 3

Fair Share

Meaningful & Non-Destructive Livelihoods are a byproduct of Permaculture Design

Regenerative Business

Gift Economy / Barter / Trade

Entrepreneurship / Startup skills

‘Right Livelihood’ & Lifestyle Design

Financial Resiliency & Debt-Free Strategy

The Art of Mentoring, Facilitation & Educating

‘Defense Against the Dark Arts’

Invisible Structures & Bioregional Resilience

Activism & Communication

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Join Us

Grow the experience, skills & community to live a life in natural abundance

PDC Registration

Program Dates | APRIL – OCTOBER 2018 Schedule > | Program >

Our program accepts a limited number of Apprentices and registration is open until we reach capacity, but we will not accept applicants after 4/27 when our program begins – Register early for Discount opportunities

What are you investing in with our PDC Program?

  • A life changing season of 80+ hours of instruction, hands-on projects, tours and so much more
  • 1 on 1 Mentorship throughout program
  • Ongoing development & support of self-directed personal project
  • Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) & community Potluck event
  • Letters of Recommendation from Cody & Megan
  • PDC workbook, lesson materials, numerous resources & portfolio to document learning journey
  • Open Hearth Apprenticeship Silk-Screened T-Shirt
  • Opportunities to participate / learn from our work w/ Land by Hand – discounts to select workshops
  • Membership to the Open Hearth Guild of current/past students & community partners to collaborate / network
  • Retreat weekend including room & board*
  • Dinner provided on studio nights*
  • Organic Snacks, Herbal Tea & Coffee on our field days*

*Refer to our schedule for more info

If you feel a spark of excitement or curiosity about our program, please reach out to us or attend an Info Session to learn more about the financial investment to participate. We seek to make this program accessible to anyone who is sincerely interested and committed – we hope that lack of financial capital not be a barrier. Sliding Scale, Work-trade, Payment Plans & Crowd-Funding ideas Available

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Panel 5

About Us

Cody wears many hats throughout the work and play of Land by HandHe collaborates with small businesses, homeowners, farmers, neighbors, educators, and changemakers in the Twin Cities region to co-create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. Whether digging in the garden, paddling canoes, foraging in the wild lands, or teaching in the classroom of Earth, Cody is motivated by a constant fire of acquiring, mastering, & sharing skills that inspire & empower others to follow their intuition and learn through hands-on experience; co-creating abundance through growing food, wellness, & community. Cody instructs on a wide diversity of subjects throughout the Twin Cities with Tiny DinerMinneapolis Community Ed, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, & Driftless Folk School.

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Megan is joyously overwhelmed by the beauty of the natural world. A forever student of plants, she is dedicated to learning and growing the medicines of her bioregion as a way to cultivate healing within her community. She uses movement as a tool for grounding into one’s deeper truths – a daily dance practice keeps her spirits and awareness high. She unequivocally loves what it means to be human and believes in the power of ritual and ceremony as a way to tap into an individual’s uniquely beautiful gifts. Utilizing her gifts of warmth, presence, and playfulness, Megan functions as a Land by Hand community pollinator – sharing and tapping into the abundance of energy, ideas and wisdom in our human ecosystems. Learn more about her work in wellness & herbalism at Natura North.

“You both have amazing energy and will bring a lot of growth to wherever you go!”
2017 Open Hearth Graduate
The foundation of this program is the integration of our incredible Partners who share the abundance of their experience with us. It is encouraged that Apprentices also contribute from their own experiences whenever relevant. Facilitator training is built into this program so we can all communicate and share these skills with others more effectively.

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