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 Explore the places, spaces, & sages of the Upper Midwest bioregion with us…Stay tuned on our Facebook > calendar for the latest updates to our evolving schedule of amazing project hosts!

Seed Sages


Seed Sages is an educational endeavor that is based in the Twin Cities and offers seed services in many regional areas throughout the midwest and beyond. We provide seed consultations, designs, trainings, and research for seed production.

Our mission is to re-skill our garden and farm communities in the art of seed saving and breeding to strengthen the foundation of our local food systems: our seed systems.

Collaboration Opportunities: Seed Saving, Gardening & Farming, Plant Propagation

The Semilla Center for Healing & the Arts


The Semilla Center in South Minneapolis, MN is transforming a churchyard into a peace garden that will incorporate pollinator attracting plants, fruit trees, gathering and reflection space and mosaic installations.  We want to design a space that invites people into the garden, via a meditation path, interactive art and green space, including “pick and eat”.

Collaboration Opportunities: Landscape design/installation, art & placemaking, Plant selection

Regeneration Acres


Regeneration Acres is located in Clayton, WI and focuses on Regenerative agriculture, permaculture, holistic, livestock, perennial, & fruit crops. Member of Hungry Turtle Farmer’s Cooperative.

Collaboration Opportunities: Farming & Raising Animals, Heritage Breeding, Building/Fencing


Bancroft Meridian Community Garden

Meridian Garden, 2016.jpg

The Meridian Garden, on the corner of 12th Avenue South and 38th Street, is one of the first urban orchards (or food forests) in the United States, and occupies a city lot in South Minneapolis. Designed utilizing permaculture principles, the Garden has 2 dozen fruit trees and bushes, plus flowering plants and others that attract bees and butterflies. The whole garden is meant to sustain itself, with your help.

Collaboration Opportunities: Rainwater Capture & Passive Irrigation, Permaculture Design Principles in action

Bluebird Hill Homestead

Heidi discusses their natural built Rocket Heater on an old refurbished school bus.

Bluebird Hill Homestead is 6 enchanted acres of rolling hills just east of Stillwater, MN where Heidi and her daughters live off-grid and steward the land.  They provide inspiration for a life deeply connected with nature, through community gatherings, kids and adult classes, private mentoring, and tiny home accommodations.  Arrive and breathe a deep sigh of relief and let your spirit shine!

Collaboration Opportunities: homestead & alternative education tour, building Medicinal Herb gardens for Kids’ Summer Camp participants

Screen shot 2017-02-06 at 10.37.50 AM.png

Antelope Food Forest

Screen shot 2017-02-06 at 9.47.09 AM.png
Garlic Scapes, Oyster Mushroom Logs fruiting, & Elderberry Flowering

Antelope Food Forest is located just outside of Buffalo, MN. Earthworks & planting started in fall of 2015 and the beginnings of the food forest is already producing thanks to some simple design strategies. Emphasis is placed on slower growing species of perennial fruit & nut shrubs, herbs, fungi, and vegetables that are regionally resilient and low-maintenance over time. These are planted on contour – capturing water and building nutrients in the soil over time.

As the canopy of these larger trees & shrubs fill in, we are growing many faster-growing crops in between like Garlic, Radish, Turnips, Peas, Squash, Beans, Corn, Sunflowers, Rhubarb, Asparagus, Raspberries, and more. This homestead also features gardens of medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, & a home-scale nursery.

Collaboration Opportunities: Land surveying, earthworks, seeding, planting, harvesting, plant propagation, & much more


Land by Hand

We are excited to announce a partnership project this season with our organization Land by Hand and the Buffalo School District (MN) to design, build, & facilitate activities related to growing food, nutrition, cooking, herbal medicine-making, preservation, & seed-saving with teens, adults & their families. Our programs will focus on co-created gardens applying Permaculture design principles that serve as a catalyst to grow abundance in food, skills, & community!

Collaboration Opportunities: School Garden maintenance & instruction, artmaking, food preservation & fermentation instruction


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