Permaculture = Integration

Permaculture is an interdisciplinary and solution focused approach of principles, ethics, & strategies for living a thriving livelihood in harmony with Mother Earth. The word ‘Permaculture’ is a combination of the words Permanent Culture; the goals of this process seek to design for a culture of natural abundance. Learn more about the principles & ethics of Permaculture > or watch some Videos >



A traditional introduction to Permaculture is the PDC (Permaculture Design Certification); a 72+ hour learning journey which provides an integrated, whole systems overview of both natural and social aspects of our planet. Upon completion & demonstration of proficiency, graduates are awarded a certificate of their successful training.


Our PDC Course emphasizes a hands-on, intensive, practical approach to learning skills that empower humans to awaken, connect the dots, and take action to break the chains of slavery to destructive systems & culture. Inspired by many Indigenous cultures around the world, Permaculture develops skills in observation, design, & implementation for creating resilient abundance in food, shelter, water, craft, community, livelihood, wellness & our most precious resource – time.

Some examples of applying these skills & experiences might include:

  • Transitioning to a new career & lifestyle
  • Gaining more free time for friends & family
  • Starting a rural or urban homestead
  • Developing an independent livelihood or start-up business
  • Becoming a more effective communicator, activist, & educator
  • Differentiating your professional work (Engineers, Designers, Entrepreneurs etc…)
  • Educating or Homeschooling your (present or future) children

  • Growing more nutritious food for you and your family

  • Making, growing, & wildcrafting medicine

  • Teaching these skills to others

  • Trading & bartering your gifts with others

  • Organizing an ecovillage or community group

  • Designing & restoring degraded land, water & common space

  • Broad-acre or Urban Farming

  • Building community & regional resilience

“I began the Open Hearth program as part of my search for a livelihood that filled me up. I thought it would be ideal to pursue opportunities outside of a traditional educational environment to gain the skills necessary for working with plants, bugs, dirt, you name it. The holistic approach of this program was appealing to me.” – 2017 Graduate


What we’ll Explore Together

The Open Hearth PDC program explores many types of disciplines, skills, & wisdom through the diverse perspectives of our amazing partners; weaving together studio time, mentorship and hands-on practical experience with the three ethics of Permaculture in mind: Earth Care, People Care, & Fair Share


  • Gardening, Farming, & Agroforestry
  • Ecological / Whole Systems Design & Pattern Language
  • Natural Building & Architecture
  • Water, Soils, & Earthworks
  • Climate, Geology, & Natural History
  • Plant/Tree/Fungi: ID, Propagation, Seed-Saving, Polyculture Design
  • Bio & Myco-Remediation / Regeneration
  • Raising Animals & Wildlife Habitat


  • Community & Village Building
  • Art & Placemaking
  • Ecovillages & Cohousing
  • Herbalism, Wellness & Yoga
  • Food Preservation, Cooking & Wildcrafting
  • Gourmet & Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation
  • Re-Wilding, Hunting, Fishing & Wilderness Skills
  • Open Source Learning & Home-schooling
  • The Art of Learning & Self-Education


  • Regenerative Business
  • Gift Economy / Barter / Trade
  • Entrepreneurship / Startup skills
  • ‘Right Livelihood’ & Lifestyle Design
  • Financial Resiliency & Debt-Free Strategy
  • The Art of Mentoring, Facilitation & Educating
  • ‘Defense Against the Dark Arts’
  • Bioregional Resilience & Invisible Structures
  • Activism & Communication


Some examples of hands-on projects we worked on in the 2017 season include:

  • Building medicinal Hugelkultur growing beds
  • Planting hundreds of Blueberry bushes
  • Designing/Implementing passive rainwater capture for community food forest
  • Designing & Planting out crops for a CSA farm
  • Planting urban pollinator boulevards & vegetable beds
  • Maintaining urban wildlife habitat
  • Medicinal plant walk, foraging & wildcrafting
  • Implementing rainwater capture / storage system for homestead use
  • Teaching food preservation & canning with school garden / family learning classes
  • Maintenance & mulching pathways for urban demonstration site
  • Designing/Implementing a food forest
  • Inoculating Shiitake Mushroom logs

Consider this PDC apprenticeship a crash course journey in listening to your heart, opening your mind, and learning the practical skills of freedom to share your true gifts with the world. We may provide a spark to light many fires; the choice of which fire grows is up to you.


Learn more & join us at an Info Session

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Info Sessions are an opportunity for you to meet us, learn more about the program, and ask us any questions you have in person. Light snacks & raffle! Reach out to us with any questions. follow us on Facebook  for updates.


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