Get Involved


Do you have a project you could use a hand with this growing season? Do you have an opportunity or skills to share that relates to our Permaculture Apprenticeship?

Who is this for?

  • Hands-on Project Hosts (Urban, Suburban, Rural – within 150 miles of Mpls, MN)
  • Instructors, Tour Guides, & Storytellers
  • Volunteers
  • Check out our current Project Hosts & Partners here >

What type of opportunities are we looking for?

  • Community Building
  • Gardening & Farming
  • Art/Craft-making / Mural Painting
  • Urban & Rural Farm/Homestead Tours & Projects
  • Small Business Tours & Talks
  • Natural Building & Construction
  • Earthworks & Water Restoration
  • Wildlife Habitat Support
  • Wilderness Skills, Plant Walks, & Wildcrafting
  • and anything else that relates to Our Content >

Everyone in the community has something to share

What can we provide?

  • Planning & Professional Co-created Design
  • Shoutout on our websites as a friend & partner (image + link + blurb)
  • Social Media Promotion & Storytelling/Documenting
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Hands-On Labor
  • Maintenance Support & Instruction
  • Materials, Tools & Safety Equipment (varies by need)
  • Stipends (if needed)


Many hands make light work

We are not interested in…

  • Exploitative Opportunities (i.e. free labor and/or materials)
  • ‘Invasive Species’ removal
  • Synthetic chemical using organizations, businesses, farms etc…
  • High risk or health hazardous activities/locations


Financial Contributions

We hope this partnership can be accessible to all who want to participate. None will be turned away for lack of funds or materials. We do ask participants to contribute financially if able – these funds will help us provide need-based scholarships for our apprentices and material costs for these opportunities. We greatly appreciate any and all contributions; money, time, materials, labor, or skills to name a few.

Material Donations

Contact us with donations of any of the following items for our program:

  • Seeds, Mushroom Spawn, Plants, Shrubs, or Trees
  • Plant pots (plastic, clay etc…), 5 Gal plastic Buckets
  • Compost, Wood Chip Mulch, Leaf Mulch, Straw, Sand, Coffee Grounds, Logs
  • Paint & Paintbrushes
  • Burlap Coffee Bags, Large Cardboard pieces
  • Garden & Hand Tools, Garden/Rubber Gloves
  • Fencing, Trellis Materials, Lumber
  • 55 Gal Drums or Plastic Barrels

Join our Volunteer List > to stay posted about these amazing opportunities to learn and co-create a beautiful community together. Stay tuned on our Facebook > calendar for the latest updates to our evolving schedule of amazing project hosts!

Share your ideas with this form to get involved; thank you for your support!

2017 Project Host Application Closed! Apply for next year in early 2018 🙂

Thank you.